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It's Never Too Late To Live Your Best Life!


Learning how to skateboard as an adult has given me the tools to "enjoy the journey" in all aspects of my life. With the right tools and mindset, anything is possible. 


  • Growth Mindset

  • Learning to Enjoy The Journey

  • Mental Health

  • Parenting

  • Finding your Passion and Making it a Career

  • How to Face Your Fears

  • Content Creation on TikTok and Instagram

  • Control Your Own Narrative



Get Stoked: Team Building Session

If you're looking for something unique and fun for your next team building event, this is for you! After a motivational talk, I'll help the team get safely on a board and partner up with another team member to start shredding! Watch and see how the group goes from scared and unsure to confident and stoked! This is an incredibly enriching experience that will be remembered for years to come!

Session will include boards and a drop-in ramp. Participants should bring their own helmets. 

“I've been lucky to work with and watch Oorbee (AuntySkates) as she's told her story to TikTok users, fellow creators, and even government officials -- and she's always an inspiration. Her story resonates across generations and backgrounds, and breaks down stereotypes. She's an amazing role model for content creators, skateboarders, moms, and anyone who wants to learn something new!”

Steve de Eyre

Director of Public Policy & Government Affairs at TikTok Canada

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